Wills and Probate

Over a lifetime, we accumulate assets that we want to be used for the care and well-being of our surviving spouse, to be passed on to our children, or gifted to charitable or religious organizations. Our goal is to accomplish these transfers efficiently at minimal cost and expense. Often, we must address the special needs of some children or issues arising from remarriage and blended families.

Additionally, advancements in medical treatments and technology now require that we clearly express our personal “end of life” decisions. Addressing these issues in advance provide comfort to us by seeing that our wishes carried out and that our family are relieved of burden of weighty decisions at a difficult and emotional time.

Mr. Baker is experienced in the drafting of wills, testamentary and inter vivos trusts, family limited partnerships, directives to physicians (commonly known as a “Living Will”), durable powers of attorney for healthcare, and statutory durable powers of attorney.

Texas is fortunate to have a streamlined Probate Code compared to the burdensome probate proceedings of other States. Probate proceedings in Texas differ depending on the circumstances and some are more complex than others with varying procedural requirements applicable to each.

Mr. Baker’s probate practice includes, among other matters, probating wills, independent and dependent administrations, heirship actions, administration of estates without a will (intestate succession), small estates, and affidavits of heirship.